This fall the sweatshirts will be hooded or not

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This fall the sweatshirts will be hooded or not

With your sporty looks but also in others less informal. There won't be anyone who can resist wearing this comfortable garment every day.

We can't deny how much we love sweatshirts. No matter how much knitted waistcoat we see in Instagram, our favourite piece of autumn is this one that turns out to be a real balm to wear because besides being warm it is the most comfortable thing we are going to find. And the best thing of all is that, although we have always reserved it for sporty looks, we have realized that it offers many more possibilities in our wardrobe.


In particular, this season are the models with hood that have become the most sought-after precisely for that reason, because they are versatile to more than one. Try to combine it simply with a pair of jeans (here are the most fashionable of the season) and a jacket above and see what we talk about.

The key is to know how to choose the right garment and to know how to wear it as it deserves. For example, if you are going to wear it as we have just said under a jacket or even under a straight coat when the winter cold comes, a very important detail is to let the hood fall strategically over the outer garment. Do not cover it or leave it flat because, in addition to the fact that it deserves to be seen, it will leave an unsightly lump in the upper back area that will be difficult to defend.

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