Tips for choosing a good coat

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Tips for choosing a good coat

The coat is one of the favourite garments of men and women for the winter season.

The perfect measurements for a coat

A coat is one of the clothing items, both for men and women, that is most often worn during the winter. Also, we can find the so-called mid-season coats ideal for dressing in the autumn and spring seasons.


The socks of the perfect coat

The first thing we must consider is what we are going to wear the coat with. That is, whether we are going to wear it only on special occasions with a "full" wardrobe underneath. In other words, dress it with a suit or dress underneath. Or it may be a coat, which we can say every day, that we are going to wear "light" clothes. Garments such as a trouser or skirt, and a jumper or blouse. This detail is important for choosing the right size and avoiding the coat being too tight or too loose.

The length of the coat usually suffers from the "dictates" of fashion and is usually quite variable. A classic long coat is always elegant and does not go out of fashion, although there are designers who want to "retire" them. Now they wear coats so short that they can be confused with parkas, trencas, etc. A good coat must be knee-length - and there are even slightly longer models.

The sleeves. Their length must cover the whole wrist and one or two centimetres from the beginning of the hand. A little trick can be when we check that the length of the sleeve does not show any part of the garment we are wearing under the coat. A coat of correct measurements to our physique should not show anything of what we wear underneath.A

Aswith any other garment, the shoulder of the coat must fit or "marry" perfectly with our shoulder. In other words, they must be at the same height, neither a little higher nor a shoulder that has fallen below ours.

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