Recommended footwear and clothing

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Recommended footwear and clothing

We have to take care of our feet as much as possible as we will be completely dependent on them.

Footwear must be comfortable and appropriate for the terrain and weather conditions in which we will be moving.

A good pair of breathable, flexible shoes or boots with a good grip sole will be sufficient in many cases. If we are going to walk in the winter, in rain, mud, etc. it will be a good idea to make them waterproof too.

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Shoes are usually lighter than boots, but the latter will give us more stability and protection against injury if we are going to walk on technical or complicated terrain, or if we are carrying a backpack of a certain weight.

In addition, it is important to wear well-fitting socks that are a little thick to avoid chafing and the appearance of blisters or wounds that turn the excursion into a living hell.

Clothes should also be comfortable, light and appropriate to the season or latitudes in which we move. Ideally, they should be made of breathable materials so that they do not get soaked with sweat which, when it gets cold, affects our body temperature.

The choice of hiking trousers will again depend on the environmental conditions. If it is long it will protect our legs from the sun, vegetation and insect bites. If it is very hot we will go cooler with a pair of shorts. Finally, there are convertible or detachable trousers that are very versatile as the legs can be put on and taken off. If you want to know more you can read our articles about the best trekking PANTS for women and men.

It is also essential to have a cap or hat to protect you from the sun on very hot days, and to carry some extra warm clothing or a waterproof jacket in your backpack in case the weather conditions change suddenly, which is quite common in the mountains.