Tips for hiking

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Tips for hiking

Hiking is the activity of walking in nature, generally following paths, tracks and trails. It is a practice that brings us closer to the natural environment and also to the rural one, which allows us to know the geography and the heritage of a region. Therefore, physical exercise, Nature and culture are combined.


It is a non-competitive activity so it is simply about enjoying the outdoors, the movement of walking, the landscapes and places we visit or the company.

In general, it does not require great technical or physical skill -a minimum of form is enough- nor complicated equipment, although logically these requirements will vary depending on the route we choose, its difficulty, its duration or the time of year.

In principle, we use the word trekking when we are talking about routes that last a day at most, while we say trekking when we are talking about walking for several days carrying with us the material to spend the night, such as the tent and the sleeping bag. However, the word trekking has become quite widespread to refer to all forms of hiking.

Advice on how to go hiking

If you are inexperienced, it is good to get information first and even if you are, it is not superfluous to remember some tips for hiking because, although it does not have to be a dangerous activity, it is not exempt from risks and you can have some scares.

The following advice is designed for excursions of a maximum of one day. They are a bit general and obviously you will have to adapt them to the circumstances: the type of route, its length, the weather, etc. and, as in almost everything, only by trying and making mistakes will we find the best way to enjoy this passion to the full, while moving comfortably and safely.

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